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Solution Architect

Solution Architect

Creativemass, through our flagship product WealthConnect™ aims to revolutionize the delivery of Financial Services. WealthConnect™ has been designed with investors at its core. We believe that complex, proprietary, closed, and costly systems are not required for Advisors to provide good advice.

Building on customer-first principles of the world’s leading CRM platform, we have developed the world’s first investment and compliance platform based solely on Salesforce. We successfully listed on the Salesforce AppExchange in early 2020 and are on track to becoming the fastest growing Salesforce backed ISV company in Australia.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for a capable Solution Architect to expand our US team based out of New York. They must be a highly motivated employee to grow with our company and contribute something new to our eclectic mix of personalities.

We have learnt that individuals that work best with us have the following traits:

You are open-minded and are open to having your ideas tested

We are a close-knit team and will continue to be as we scale. We want the team to be radically truthful and transparent with each other. There will be occasions where you will have a difference of opinion with a colleague and in these situations, you should be willing to speak up, put aside your ego or opinion and have a healthy debate on the problem at hand based on facts and fundamental design principles.

You embrace challenge and hard work

We are searching for someone who has a natural bias towards hard work and taking on new challenges. While this is something we will continually strive to minimize, there will be occasions where we will have to pull together a team and put in the extra effort to make sure we hit critical deadlines.


As a solution Architect, you will be responsible for working with our highly driven team on key client opportunities to grow our business as a whole. Your role will be to support the team with all pre and post-sale activity to meet the demands of clients, as well as actively engage in product demos for prospective clients.

You will be a part of our International team working with our clients, sales teams as well as product development team regarding our solutions for our clients, and to work closely with our Delivery Teams to ensure an effective fit for purpose solution.

To be successful you should be someone who is enthusiastic about the Financial Services Industry and ready to step into a diverse role that will get you thinking!

      • Serve as a customer-facing technical expert for WealthConnect and Salesforce.
      • Working with our clients, understanding business and technical requirements, develop detailed solution specifications.
      • Create High Level Design and Detail Design documents for client solutions as required during the WealthConnect client engagement and Product Release Cycles.
      • Ensure a fit for purpose solution is architected and solutioned based on agreed client and CM requirements.
      • Work with the Product Development team to develop and configure product functionality specific to the roadmap and overall strategy.
      • Support the Sales and Account Teams in all Pre and Post Sales activity, including building and presenting customer demos as required.
      • Proactively supporting management design and development methodology for Salesforce environments.
      • Provide configuration and onboarding support of the product with new Delivery Partners.
      • Manage activities that take place during solution ideation, solution design, and solution implementation.
      • Reviews business context for solutions to company challenges as well as defining the vision and requirements
      • Analyze current technologies used and determine ways to improve.
      • Document and monitor requirements needed to institute proposed updates.
      • Account for possible project challenges on constraints including, risks, time, resources, and scope.
      • Work closely with and provide support to project management teams to successfully progress implementation of solution.

If you’re interested in the above position, please send your CV to