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Industrial Strength Client

WealthConnect sits entirely within the Salesforce platform and leverages all of the foundation components of Salesforce, the $150b world leader in CRM platform delivery. The foundational Salesforce modules upon which WealthConnect operates include Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (which includes Sales and Service Cloud), Einstein Analytics and Chatbot, Marketing Cloud (or Pardot as required), Customer Community, Partner Community and Salesforce Shield. The core FSC platform, coupled with the above adjunct modules delivers baseline functionality upon which WealthConnect delivers its unique capability.


Customer Relationship

The core element of Salesforce is its ability to manage all aspects of the customer relationship. The core elements of the CRM capability include:

  Contact and customer data storage
  Lead and Opportunity Management
  Financial Account Profiles
  Calendar, Task and Event Management
  Customer Interaction Management (engagement tracking)
  Service Management (via Service Cloud)
  Process management and Workflows


Marketing & Campaigns

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a unique set of foundation capabilities upon which WealthConnect has built new and advanced functionality.

Marketing Cloud, as the name suggests, is the Salesforce platform by which marketing campaigns are initiated, tracked and converted into leads. Additionally, the platform allows custom journey maps to be created to define the interaction with clients and potential leads enabling the following functionality:

  Customer journey mapping
  Email and social integration
  Lead cultivation and automated lead forwarding
  Marketing programs content management
  Campaign Management

Marketing Cloud is also delivered through WealthConnect via the Salesforce Pardot toolsets.


Reporting & Analytics

Financial Services Cloud provides baseline functionality to manage, record and report on any data element within the extensive data model. Extending the Einstein Analytics platform are capabilities for Data Discovery/Big Data assessment, Analytic dashboards and a full suite of self-service reporting building tools.


Security & Cloud

Vital to the success of Salesforce has been its ability to provide highly scalable, cloud-based services across the globe to provide that in a secure environment with minimal downtime.

Coupled with the existing security services that support the cloud service (which include the Community Cloud access for mobile and web users), Salesforce Shield extends the security services of the platform to include Platform Encryption (allows native encryption of sensitive data at rest across all the Salesforce components), Event Monitoring (full audit trail of transactions and accessed data) and Field Audit Trial (Big Data forensic repository for data and process flow review). These products significantly enhance the overall security of customer data, underlying financial instruments held and the compliance/governance regime imposed across those segments.


Salesforce & WealthConnect

WealthConnect is a registered implementation and software alliance partner of Salesforce and operates alongside the organisation globally. As the only provider of these unique Financial Services offerings on the Salesforce platform, we work closely with the local and global product and industry teams to align our visions and product sets.


Salesforce & WealthConnect
Implementation Partners

Creativemass works with a number of Salesforce implementation partners.