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Salesforce Lightning Developer

Salesforce Lightning Developer

Melbourne, AU

Creativemass, through our flagship product, WealthConnect aims to revolutionise the delivery of Financial Services. WealthConnect has been designed with investors at its core. We believe that complex, proprietary, closed and costly systems are not required for advisors to provide good advice.

Building on customer-first principles of the world’s leading CRM platform, we have developed the world’s first investment and compliance platform based solely on Salesforce. We successfully listed on the app exchange in early 2020 and are on track to becoming the fastest growing Salesforce backed ISV company in Australia.

What we’re looking for

We are looking to expand our Product Development team and are looking for highly motivated Salesforce Lightning Developers to grow with our company and contribute something new to our eclectic mix of personalities.

We have learnt that individuals that work best with us have the following traits:

You are open-minded and are open to having your ideas tested

We are a close knit team and will continue to be as we scale. We want the team to be radically truthful and transparent with each other. There will be occasions where you will have a difference of opinion with a colleague and in these situations, you should be willing to speak up, put aside your ego or opinion and have a healthy debate on the problem at hand based on facts and fundamental design principles.

You are adaptable and can deal with uncertainty

For us to be successful, we need to remain agile. We must constantly adapt to customer requirements and feedback. This will occasionally mean something that you worked hard on may not make it into the product. It may mean that something you thought you were going to start working on next week has been reprioritised. You should be able manage changing priorities and be able to focus on the highest priority task for the team.

You embrace challenge and hard work

Building a product that revolutionises an industry is not easy. You must have a natural bias towards hard work and taking on new challenges. While this is something we will continually strive to minimise, there will be occasions where we will have to pull together a team and put in the extra effort to make sure we hit critical deadlines.

You roll up your sleeves when required

While development is a critical part of the Product Development value stream, without help from our colleagues, our product will not be successful. We are looking for individuals who may be developers by trade but are willing to roll up their sleeves when needed, to help test, clarify user requirements or fulfil some other team obligation.


You will be responsible for development of functionality and components for our product WealthConnect. To be successful in this role, you should be someone who is enthusiastic about the Salesforce ecosystem and have demonstrated experience in developing complex solutions on the platform.

      • Develop technical specifications based on functional specifications and prototypes provided by the product design team.
      • Design, develop and maintain complex Apex applications
      • Design, develop and maintain Aura / Lightning Web Components
      • Have a fundamental understanding of integrations between Salesforce and third party systems e.g. Financial data providers, accounting systems.
      • Conduct coding, documentation and peer review to ensure that solutions are well understood and supportable by the broader development team.
      • Keep on top of the latest best practice relating to Salesforce through trailheads, self-study and certifications.
      • Understand fundamental software development principles and how these principles translate to Salesforce DX.

Essential Skills

      • You should have a background in software development, engineering, business process or computer science – but this is not necessary.
      • You are able to put yourself in the user’s shoes and understand their current pain points.
      • You understand how to design systems that are easily understood and usable by users of varying levels of technical ability.
      • You are self-motivated and have a thirst for knowledge through self-certification and completion of trailhead modules.
      • You challenge the status quo and continuously strive for new and innovative ways to improve our ways of working and our product.
      • You have some experience with source control systems to manage your work.
      • You can manage your own workload effectively to make sure required tasks are completed.
        You are a team player and are able to work effectively with the product development and the broader company.

If you’re interested in the above position, please send your CV to