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Integrated High Performance

Creativemass’ WealthConnect product integrates the foundational components of the world leading Salesforce capability with the most advanced financial planning, wealth management and broking capabilities the market has seen. Complex, costly and proprietary technology systems will make way for powerful, configurable and customer-centric functionality that put your client first.

Creativemass, through its flagship product, WealthConnect, is revolutionising the delivery of financial services.

As technology improves and becomes accessible to all at a more reasonable price, less investment is required in core processing and complex transaction processes traditionally associated with Financial Services delivery. Gone are the days of relying upon complex, proprietary, closed and costly systems to deliver an effective Financial Services solution.

WealthConnect delivers a uniquely modern technical solution leveraging the best in new development, integration, process control and customer engagement capabilities – all enhanced by the significant investment Salesforce has made in their world-class cloud infrastructure and specialist AI, Analytics and Security frameworks.

+ Customer Relationship Management

Incorporates core CRM functionality including accounts, account relationships, leads, tasks, events, calendars and integration to the marketing and AI platforms.

+ Adviser Dashboard

Incorporates client service, portfolios, accounts, latest news, pricing/feeds, leads, tasks, Investment Assistant AI and marketing.

+ Financial Planning Wizard

Takes a step by step path through Financial Strategy, Financial Advice and product selection. The first Financial Planning tool to incorporate ‘in-line’ KRI (Key Risk Indicator) checking and advice alerting.

+ Advice Documentation Generation

Utilising the Conga Document Control capability, an Advice document can be selected from a number of existing templates with an ability to customise to individual requirements.

+ Portfolio Management

Toolset that enables the creation of model portfolios, management of the model to manage model drift and incorporation into the risk engine for portfolio backtesting.

+ Risk & Compliance

Made up of multiple modules (case management, compliance rule engine, compliance reporting, portfolio risk testing and marketing rule integration) deployed across Financial Advice, Marketing and Sales, Portfolio Management and Reports and Analytics that define the regulator and operator key risk indicators. Automatically send compliance files to the regulators and include specific country tests for Deceased Estates, automated KYC and integration with external risk engines.


Services delivered by the Salesforce Pardot platform that enables campaign management, email distribution list, social and email content management and marketing campaign analytics.

Service Desk

Integration via Salesforce Service Cloud where the account files, advice documentation, complaint management and AI next-best action are integrated into the service management desktop.

Reports & Analytics

Leveraging the Salesforce Analytics engines (Einstein) that provide all users (Advisers, Investors & Administrators) with a comprehensive set of standard reports and custom report building capability.

+ Financial & Insurance Product Databases

That allows comparison of attributes of products that can be searched, assessed and compared to be then checked for compliance.

+ AI / Chat Bot

Enhanced capability that leverages the Salesforce Einstein chatbot designed to take AI and chat integration to the next level. By creating interactive personalities and matching standard questions to delivery of document and reports i.e. ‘Hey Newton, can I have my latest statement?’; the next generation of ‘wealth-bot’ has been built.

+ Documentation

Integration to external document repositories (initially designed around SharePoint, Outlook/Exchange and Amazon S3) to store all documentation (including chat records) associated with a client and Adviser file.

+ Adviser Practice Management

Including revenue management, Adviser Certifications (and for Australian organisations interface to central adviser certification database), breach notifications (linked to regulators) and contract document management.

+ Pricing & Platform Integration

From some of the leading local and international providers of Fund and asset pricing services. Integration with Open Banking in the UK markets.

+ Investor Portal

Based upon the Salesforce Community Cloud incorporating a fully functional Investor Portal including Accounts, Tools & Calculators, Newton Investment Assistant AI, Tasks, Calendar, Fact Find (and account update), Advice and Billing Document retrieval. The Investor Portal is also delivered with over 12 templates to complete an Adviser’s secures and non-secured website to maximise impact and leads/ marketing programs.

+ Mobile Platform

Using the Salesforce SDK and security framework delivering rich secured content and full integration with the Newton Investment Assistant.

Security Platform

Entirely based upon Salesforce’s security platform with additional inclusion of support for Salesforce Shield for advanced GRC support and reporting.

Tax Calculators & Reporting

Localised for each geography (limited to share trading tax calculations).

+ Extended Data Model

Model that incorporates significant new capability into the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud including reference data (securities, exchanges, asset types, sub-asset types, portfolio composition types, etc.) portfolio data, attachment of beneficially held accounts in managed or model portfolios, financial and insurance product database, advice objectives, portfolio objects, tools & calculators, new document types (advice, proposal, tax report, billing, contracts, etc.) and a comprehensive set of risk and compliance objects.

+ Real-Time & Batch Integration

With the core platform for a number of integration types including real-time pricing and quotes (global), research, customer account systems (Product Systems), billing, tools & calculators (external), specialist external applications i.e. for risk or robo-advice and externally sourced reference data.

Support & Management Tools

That lower the cost of support, decrease implementation and issue resolution times. Tools include Bulk Import Manager (for bulk .csv file import of client files including mapping tables), Integration Tool Builder (to accelerate building of new integrations) and code and customisation configuration management via code integrations with Jira, Confluence, Zeplin, BitBucket and Salesforce DX.

Future Enhancements

Blockchain integration for direct trading of securities and ETFs, automated application form/product switching capability (working with the product platforms), automated client account opening and advanced AI insurance and financial product comparisons and recommendations.