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Hear from our team at Creativemass.

Creativemass team photo


We asked our team what makes Creativemass a great place to work, here’s what they had to say.

Creativemass has spent the last 2 years evaluating, designing and developing a set of custom application components that provide new and compelling services to the existing Salesforce and Financial Services cloud platform.
WealthConnect, the solution designed by Creativemass, integrates the foundational components of the world’s leading CRM Salesforce, with the most advanced financial planning, wealth management and broking capabilities the market has seen. WealthConnect assists in creating clear visibility across the customer life cycle, helping the financial services industry provide transparent, accurate and cost-effective advice to customers. It reduces the need for multiple platforms by providing an end to end solution, all whilst reducing the burden on compliance.
We asked Molly Broun, our Design Lead what she enjoys most about working at Creativemass.
“Having been here since Creativemass was established, it’s been amazing to see this company grow from the ground up. The culture here is based on collaboration and creativity, where we problem solve and discover solutions together to work towards a common goal. Creativemass is just like a big family where everyone is there for each other and we have each other’s backs”
Pierce Wittke, our Director of Solution Engineering added
“Creativemass is a fantastic place to work, being surrounded by people who share my passion to truly make a difference to the lives of both our customers and the Financial services industry as a whole”
We are continuing to expand our team here at Creativemass. If you are interested in a new role, please get in touch by emailing us at

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